Strategy formulation

Empower your business with a tailored ESG strategy crafted by our expert team at the ESG Institute.

Navigating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is now a vital component of business strategy. Our services assist organizations in defining their ESG strategy, offering a practical and attainable roadmap for successful implementation.

ESG strategy goes beyond financial considerations, incorporating a company's environmental, social, and governance risk factors. The growing adoption of ESG as a business strategy is driven by its proven benefits, including cost reduction, enhanced customer experience (CX), and top-line development

ESG strategy serves as a credibility tool for companies, facilitating collaboration with external stakeholders who rely on it to accurately measure and compare the ESG performance of organizations.

The ESG Institute provides a comprehensive implementation methodology comprising five key steps:

  • 1. Perform a materiality assessment and establish the baseline.
  • 2. Set clear ESG goals.
  • 3. Analyze performance gaps.
  • 4. Develop and implement an ESG plan and KPIs in accordance with EU Directives.
  • 5. Establish principles for regular ESG reporting.

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