Entry criteria and participation forms

Forms of participation

We invite companies, institutions and individuals for whom ESG is a priority in their business to participate

01. Partner membership for "non-profit" organizations supporting the goals of the program Free

02. Corporate membership for medium and large companies Paid

03. Individual membership for small businesses and individuals Paid

Entry criteria

Companies, individuals and organisations with ESG solutions

The aplicant must prove that its products or services have a positive impact on the environment, society or corporate governance, as well as that the organization adheres to ESG standards.

Companies, individuals and organisations looking for ESG solutions

The aplicant must present the existing ESG standards or demonstrate an interest in implementing ESG strategy in their business and may be asked to provide plans related to the application of ESG solutions in their business.

All interested parties

The aplicant must declare that they will actively participate in the activities of the Expert Collaboration Hub by sharing their knowledge, experience and ideas in the ESG area.

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities and showcase your ESG tools, methodologies, or solutions on our platform.
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